Zoetic Face Mask

I tried something new last night to give my face a little boost for the weekend and I have to say it worked a treat, my skin is glowing!!

To make our Zoetic face mask at home all you will need is:

1. Natural plain yogurt – Yogurt is packed full of lactic acid, it will help dissolves dead skin and tighten pores.

2. Honey – Raw honey helps balance bacteria on your skin so is great for acne.

3. Turmeric – Contains lots of antioxidants and can also help to reduce redness and blemishes

4. Fresh lemon juice – Another natural antibacterial wonder! Can also help to remove blackheads

5. 2ml of our Calming Natural 1000mg CBD oil – A recent study published by the national institute for health cites “In addition to reducing sebum production, CBD also demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties which are associated with acne.”

Mix together and apply to face, leave for 10/15 mins, wash and behold the glow!