CBD & Yoga

Happy, healthy humans and how to achieve your inner Zen!

This week our feel good Friday blog is about the benefits of CBD and Yoga. If you currently practice Yoga, you are probably going for one of its many health benefits whether it’s for improved flexibility, weight loss, strength, to increase your energy or become more toned. I practice Yoga hoping to achieve that inner Zen that will hopefully help me become more mindful and suppress the feelings of ramming my car in to the back of slow drivers on the way to work when I am running late!

So why Yoga and CBD? CBD is becoming more and more popular within the Yogi community because anything that might promote relaxation and reduce our daily anxiety is sure to be a winner!

CBD can help improve your Yoga experience by reducing those wandering thoughts I know myself how hard it is to switch off and become at one when your thoughts are focused on what your having for tea! I take CBD before starting my class and although, at the time of holding those painfully uncomfortable but strangely enjoyable positions I can’t feel the benefits, I have found my recovery afterwards is much faster. CBD works with the cannabinoid receptors in the body located throughout your Endocannabinoid system, this is the same system that triggers the part in your brain whilst experiencing pain. The natural cannabinoids that are encouraged through your ECS system by consuming CBD can help to produce and anti-inflammatory response which is why it may help to relieve sore muscles.

The part I love most about Yoga is the blissful inner quiet that comes when the class has ended. I am still trying to come up with ways to teleport myself to my bed to hold on to that feeling and although I am still to come up with a way to do that (shock!) I have found CBD helps me to hold that feeling a little longer than usual.  When we feel good our brains naturally produce and release a neurotransmitter called Anandamide. There is evidence that CBD suppresses the enzyme that breaks down this transmitter which may be why I can hold on to the feelings of bliss until I get home, provided I don’t get stuck behind a slow driver!

These ideas are powerful by themselves so why not try them together to help your chances of becoming a happier, healthier less road raging human being. I should once again disclose that I am not suggesting CBD or Yoga is a miracle cure for anxiety or road rage. If this was the case London’s City Centre would be a much safer place!