CBD & Weight loss

Could CBD assist with metabolism and appetite?

Some research suggests that including CBD in your wellness routine could assist with weight loss (which may be your next step after the festive season).

CBD effects weight by working with your CB1 and CBD2 receptors in your ECS. Both CB1 and CBD2 receptors are suspected to play significant roles food intake, appetite and in metabolism.

A study was completed on rats over a period of two weeks. Over this period, the rats were injected with CBD daily of 1.1mg and 2.3mg per pound of their weight.  Although the higher dose had the most compelling effect, the lower dose still had a noticeable effect.

More research needs to be completed in humans to support any weight loss claim.  For example, in 2018, 2,409 people were assessed who use CBD. An increase in hunger was noted by 6% of them.

Fat cells and CBD

We have two types of fat cells – brown and white.

White fat cells are responsible for supplying energy and protecting your organs. However, when an increased quantity is produced, certain chronic illnesses are associated with white fat cells such as heart disease and diabetes.

Brown fat cells’ main responsibility is to generate heat and then go on to burn calories (so brown fat cells are our favorite out of the two). People who maintain a healthy weight are more likely to have more brown fat cells than someone who is overweight.

We can convert white fat cells to brown by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes taking regular exercise and ensuring you maintain an acceptable quality and quantity of sleep.

Although no human studies have yet been taken to see if CBD can assist with the transformation of fat cells from white to brown, a test-tube study found CBD led to “browning” white cells.


It would be premature to promote CBD as a weight loss product due to the lack of studies undertaken on humans.  The findings so far are inconsistent so we cannot confirm that CBD is an effective way to help to lose weight.  However, if you are planning to include CBD within your wellness routine, you may wish to see how it affects you in this regard.

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