CBD & Hangovers?

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CBD and Hangovers?

Those mornings when you wake up with the dreaded stomach churning, thought spinning, sweat soaked blanket of doom…… and that’s before you have even opened your eyes! Yes, I am talking about THE HANGOVER!

With so much information surrounding CBD and its potential health benefits I decided to put our Zoetic CBD to the test. I have read numerous articles claiming CBD is a hangover cure but would it work for me?

Last weekend I travelled to Oxford to attend a family festival so decided, as I would be drinking for much of the day, I would give it a go! I started the day with 0.5ml of 1000mg Refreshing Peppermint and repeated that dose at night after consuming a fair amount of wine, by fair amount I mean far too much!

The first thing I noticed when I woke up is that I had actually slept the entire night (I never do that after drinking). My mouth was noticeably less dry and the sick nauseous feeling I know so well was nonexistent! Too good to be true I thought? Where is the head fog and the anxiety provoking thoughts? I’ll give it time and just for safe measure I decided to take another 0.5ml after breakfast which of course was a bacon roll!

I should mention that my hangovers are not pretty and usually consist of me lying horizontal for the majority of the day. Well not today I was up, showered and out in the glorious Oxford sunshine. I’m not saying I felt perfect but I felt a lot better than I deserved.

I have to disclose that just because this worked for me on occasion does not mean it will work for everyone. We all have an endocannabinoid system that is known for regulating our sleep, mood, appetite, memory and fertility and what is apparent within the CBD industry at the moment is, as much as there is thousands of reviews and anecdotes from people’s positive experiences with CBD, there is still a lack of scientific evidence. So, my advice would be please drink responsibly but, on occasions that you don’t, maybe there is something that can help you feel a little better the next day.

Have a great weekend everyone!