CBD & Dating

If you’re single and looking for love or something along those lines, you’re likely to be familiar with the usual anxieties that come with dating and the single life.

Most of us feel nervous when starting a new relationship, going on the first few dates or maybe even when you wake up somewhere unfamiliar. The anxiety can be overwhelming and this leaves some people avoiding the dating scene altogether and settling for a small cottage with a group of cats for company.

So how can CBD possibly be related to your love life?

The asking

The flirting has gone on for a while now, you talk all the time and, despite getting along wonderfully, neither of you have had the courage to ask each other out. The majority of the time this comes from fear of rejection.

CBD has a large pool of glowing testimonials from its users who have treated their anxiety with CBD oil. I’m not saying this is going to turn you into a smooth operator, but it just might help a bit.

Online dating

I’m sure it has crossed the minds of many who are embarking on their first online dating experience to run for the hills, block and delete their number and abort the entire situation. But what if you had something (apart from a strong drink) to help give you that calmer and more rational mindset?

The fear

Ok, so you have asked him/her out, taken the plunge and been on the first date or have woken up after a long night out. It goes great. But you now have the aftermath hangover of after you meet someone. Feeling anxious after a date might be stressful if you don’t know what is happening next.

When you are anxious or scared, your body releases stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. There was a study done on rabbits which showed that CBD reduced the release of adrenaline.


I think a few nerves are not necessarily a bad thing when you’re living the single life and meeting someone new. CBD could possibly assist with the inflammation on your internal systems or your anxiety.

Your endocannabinoid system and CBD could thank for your next boyfriend or girlfriend.