CBD & Coffee. It may taste amazing but is it a fad?

The CBD market has exploded. From CBD oil to CBD mattresses, what is effective and what do you want CBD to do for you?

As there is little research on humans around the effects of CBD, what may work for you may not work for others. However, we live in a world where it is estimated over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are thought to be consumed every day. We are literally running on coffee and anxiety.

With anxiety being one of the main causes for us to consume CBD or to consider it, coffee fueled CBD seems like a match made in heaven, right?

We all have friends who can’t drink caffeine because of the anxiety that comes with it. We all also have friends that can’t roll out of bed unless they have that caffeine hit. What if we could balance this out.

“The neurotransmitters related to the endocannabinoid system — the same ones affected by cannabis —decreased after drinking four to eight cups of coffee in a day. That’s the opposite of what occurs after someone uses cannabis,” stated a press release on the study.

It has been reported that CBD coffee drinkers can have their coffee and still have a mellow relaxed feeling. CBD coffee users have reported on how CBD coffee has helped them personally.

Ok, I want to give it a go…

Make sure you trust your CBD supplier. Have you seen the third-party lab results for the CBD content and assured the THC is below the legal requirement?

If you do feel that CBD coffee will benefit you, it does work best with cold coffee. CBD oils bioavailability reduce to a minimum, the minute it touches water, never mind hot water. As CBD can come in flavours, it would be up to yourself which to choose.


There is no doubt that CBD alone has had a huge break through into the world over a short period of time and CBD coffee has became a huge trend for 2019. Like always, you could give it a go and see if it works for you. If you do try it, let us know your results.

I’m not sure of the point in my personal opinion, I drink coffee to be alert and to focus and just wouldn’t drink it if it gave me anxiety.  Along side how it depreciates CBD, personally I would rather just take my capsule in the morning and then have my coffee.

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