CBD & Christmas

Why CBD is the perfect Christmas gift?

Christmas is approaching fast. 

CBD is without a doubt once of the fastest growing health and wellness product of the past year. So why should Zoetic CBD be on your Christmas list this year? And why should you add this to your buy list for your loved ones?

  • Everyone would like better skin…

CBD Skincare is becoming increasingly popular. Our skin care products not only have a generous CBD content, they have other recognised active ingredients and natural properties that you should look for in your skincare routine. From Vitamin C to Jojoba Oil, we have sourced a range of the highest quality ingredients. By adding CBD, our skincare is designed to maximise benefits.  There is extensive evidence on the internet, for example, that CBD may help prevent the production of sebum (which is what can cause spots to be produced).

All of our skincare products would be a unique surprise for a stocking filler. 

  • For the vegans in your circle… 

Alongside CBD, veganism is increasing in popularity every year. Many of us will have friends or family who are adopting a vegan lifestyle which, if you’re like me, makes it more of a difficult buy.

Zoetic CBD capsules are the perfect vegan gift, alongside our CBD Vegan Lip Balm and CBD Tinctures. All of our oral products are suitable for vegans.

  • New year, new me… 

You don’t have to wait until the New Year to give your close ones that “new year, new me” support. 

Although this usually comes in the shape of a gym membership or a new diet fad, consumers of CBD have reported CBD to help their mood, anxiety and aid their health. 

And for those on your list who will be hitting the gym to shake off the cobwebs of 2019, CBD has also been reported to help with muscle repair and fatigue.

After bingeing on chocolate and a bit more prosecco or beer than usual in the month of December, kick starting January with some CBD could just be what is needed. 

  • We all have that skeptic…

In my family, it is my Grandad. CBD is cannabis, CBD will make you high, they will tell you or perhaps they are someone who is just sceptical of the CBD word. 

Maybe someone on your list has considered CBD but hasn’t yet felt confident enough to try it; buying for them could be the small push they have needed to be on the way to a CBD lifestyle. 

Our softgels can be taken as part of your routine easily and discretely. They come in two strengths of 300mg or 900mg and contain a month’s supply (the softgel individual strength is 10mg and 30mg respectively). 

  • The winter weather…

Still undecided? Who isn’t affected by the winter weather elements? We have you covered with our CBD Lemongrass and Ylang Ylang Hand Cream or CBD Vegan Lip Balm to combat against the winter elements. 

The weather can also really affect illnesses like arthritis and mobility issues. If you read our website reviews, our customers have claimed our tinctures have helped to assist with easing up joints and helping with old injuries. 

CBD is so versatile and can really be used for a number of different reasons, so it could be suitable for much of your Christmas list this year. If you have any questions about any of our products, no query is too small or big. Contact us and one of our team will be happy to help.